Erika Engelbrecht


Inspired by creative parents, Erika brings her passion for art and design together, showcasing both local and international artists in her gallery located in the northern suburbs of Perth. Blue Lizard Gallery was originally based in Joondalup, but hearing the siren call of the ocean, was relocated to the Brighton Business Park, servicing all areas from Two Rocks to Rockingham.

With a focus on clients, quality services and philanthropy, Erika brings her vision of connecting communities to her inspiring space, hosting workshops, morning teas and business network events amidst a busy schedule of exhibitions. Invoking beauty, peace and calm is a true calling for Erika. "I believe the environment around you dictates whom you become." To this end, Blue Lizard Gallery offers both framing and interior design services to create perfect spaces within your home. Backed up by 25 years of industry experience, your special pieces will be framed to perfection.

With a strong voyager spirit, Erika and her family immigrated from South Africa in 2012, exploring her global vision to bring hope and a new, safer direction to her business and family's future.

With a café on the way, Blue Lizard Gallery is set to become a key meeting place for the local community, encouraging art appreciation, promotion and connection. Every exhibiting artist shares their personal vision through their art displayed, bringing insight into how their talents have developed and what inspires them to create.

"My vision is to create a fresh, beautiful, calming and harmonious space that people can enjoy, spend time reflecting and appreciate all art displayed, use our fabulous framing services and connect with the local community. I believe we are the architects of our own lives; we are busy creating and building our lives. We need to inspire one another to make them beautiful and memorable, igniting life in the lives of those we have the privilege to meet."


Client Focus

We meet clients' needs by providing world-class service; with your vision and our strengths we bring winning products to the market.


We recognize that our product carries our name and reputation. It is for this reason that quality is a given - a way of life - for our people. 


Blue Lizard Gallery is a company consisting of a dedicated team of people - treating your needs as a priority. Communication is open on all levels to ensure that we understand your requirements completely.


Continuous Improvement

Our innovative spirit drives us as we continually improve our products and performance.  


Through honouring your past, we help to secure your legacy for your family's future.


We maintain the highest level of ethics, fairness and transparency in our interactions with each other and our clients at all times.

    1/29 Amesbury Loop Butler, WA



    Wild Life

    Wild Life Protection at the Gallery

    We had two wildlife visitors within a year at the gallery. Unfortunately, both arrived at our doorstep quite dehydrated and ill. With the helping hand and beautiful soul of Marnie Giroud our first visitor a Blue tongue Lizard (Yes Ironic) that ended up having flu was rescued by Marnie and taken to the Lizard Hospital. It is doing so well under the care of Marnie and her team. The second visitor was a beautiful "28" found by Gavin on a very hot day on the side of our Gallery roller door. He was extremely dehydrated due to recent heat and the fires, therefore, we took it to the local Vet that has sent it off to a rescue centre.