Protecting Eggs - Ken Farmer

Protecting Eggs - Ken Farmer


Ken Farmer original Aboriginal art.  

Guana's, Turtles and Blue Tongue Lizards protecting eggs. 

Size: 1360 x 802 mm 

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      1/29 Amesbury Loop Butler, WA


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      Wild Life

      Wild Life Protection at the Gallery

      We had two wildlife visitors within a year at the gallery. Unfortunately, both arrived at our doorstep quite dehydrated and ill. With the helping hand and beautiful soul of Marnie Giroud our first visitor a Blue tongue Lizard (Yes Ironic) that ended up having flu was rescued by Marnie and taken to the Lizard Hospital. It is doing so well under the care of Marnie and her team. The second visitor was a beautiful "28" found by Gavin on a very hot day on the side of our Gallery roller door. He was extremely dehydrated due to recent heat and the fires, therefore, we took it to the local Vet that has sent it off to a rescue centre.